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Every athlete has his “what ifs.”

Mine came after the 1985 World Series, when I played shortstop for the World Champion Kansas City Royals...

George Brett -
Baseball Hall of Fame

"I spent three hours with Buddy on the golf driving range. It was an extraordinary experience. I am a 5 handicap golfer and I have a fairly consistent swing. But after working with Buddy and his program, my game went to another level. I was hitting the ball further with less effort and making more solid contact with the ball. Even some shots I normally had problems with were corrected and became more consistent."

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Fluid Motion is Created in the Mind

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Former Major Leaguer
Buddy Biancalana On How
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Royals' Davies credits
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'Getting out of your own way'

Professional Baseball - Part 3

“The techniques Buddy and Steve use to try to help athletes get consistently in the "zone," are simple yet very effective. I am seeing much progress as I continue to work each and every day with the drills provided to me. I have continued to work at trusting the drills, as I have only been practicing these techniques for 7 months, and seem to be seeing my results progress each day.

I have had trouble in the past staying consistent, due to my thinking too much. I have only been using the drills in competitive play for the past 2+ months, but have seen myself start to stay out of prolonged batting slumps. By understanding that I will have a greater chance to succeed if I set up the proper conditions to succeed, I haven't felt like I lose my confidence, even if I have a bad game or at bat. I have to continue to work and trust Buddy and Steve's techniques, and understand that the mind is so powerful that it can prevent me from getting the most out of my ability. I do still have to manage my mechanics from time to time, but have been able to begin to trust the fact that the drills put me in the correct mental state and allow me the most success.

I look forward to continuing to work with Buddy and Steve and can't wait to continue to allow them to help in my successes!"

Nick Green, Boston Red Sox

I reached the Major Leagues at 27 years old, something I worked my whole life for. I was doing what I loved, making good money, and living the dream, but instead of being happy I was ready to quit after a few seasons. All I knew was it wasn't fun anymore but quit is something that is not in my vocabulary. I was brought up to work hard and fight for everything I wanted and never give up. I would have never made it to the big leagues if I had quit in me. The difficulties getting there were nothing compared to the feeling I had after my first two years in the big leagues.

I had been talking to Buddy Biancalana of Perfect Mind Perfect Motion since the summer of 2007. That was when I was first introduced to the principals of this concept they had mastered. It seemed like a good concept and it made sense but I was reluctant to try it, thinking that I am not a weak minded person that needs psychological help to get me past this stressful and un-joyful time in my life. I had already tried to talk to the team psychologist and it didn't do anything for me, so the last thing I wanted was another psychologist or psychiatrist. Coming into the 2009 season I was determined to give it one more year and told myself that I would give it all I got so I can look back and regret nothing. I felt in order to do that, not only will I do my normal training but I owe it to myself to try Perfect Mind Perfect Motion since I desired the feelings they described.

Their program described everything that I feel when I am at my best, and they told me they have methods to get me there. It felt to me that they had something that would work for me so I gave it a shot. It was the best decision I could have made. Now that I have experienced the power of this program, I cant believe that it took me coming to a breaking point to finally get their help. What it has done for my game as a player has been amazing. I am more consistent, with better stuff, using less effort, with a clear mind regardless of result. I know where I can go in any situation no matter how stressful it is. It is as close to a miracle as it gets without God's hand being involved.

Regardless of what happens this year or in the future I have a calm sense of peace inside that I didn't have the first 2 years of my career. A peace, almost like one that God gives you when life throws you a curve ball. That is worth more to me than any amount of fame or fortune. Plus the game is fun again.

Rocky Cherry - Boston Red Sox

"Usually after a day game, I'm tired and want to nap. Today, I layed down and realized I wasn't tired, so I got back up."

"I've had some nagging tightness in my hamstring from an injury a few years ago. It finally released" This occurred in the middle of one of our sessions.

"The muscle tension I have felt in my body completely relaxed over the course of two days."

"I'm finding I need much less time to warm up."

"I'm experiencing less irritation in other areas of my life."

"My confidence is always the same. Good game or bad game doesn't matter."

"I'm able to erase one AB from another."

“I'm able to more easily compartmentalize each area of my life."

Chris Roberson - Baltimore Orioles

For the last two years, I made the decision to take my baseball career to Italy. During my second year there, I was having the worst first half of a season since I became a professional. My ERA was around 6 and I was literally just lost on the mound. I contacted Buddy Biancalana about the services that Perfect Mind Perfect Motion could provide. Because I was in Italy and they were in America I was not sure how things would work out. Buddy took time to work with me via Skype and video chats and really started to integrate me into his program. At first I was skeptical about his program and thought it was just something that didn't work.

After just a week of working with Buddy and putting the time into his program he made me a believer. The game slowed down dramatically and I found myself not only more confident, but I was able to perform at higher level with less effort. His program really simplified things for me and it took my game to a whole new level. After working with Buddy and his program for only a few months my ERA was cut in half and I had the best second half of a baseball season I have ever had. I gave up only 1 earned run in 25 and a third innings. During that span my strikeouts went up and my hits allowed went down. I was throwing the ball with a certain ease that I had never experienced on the mound. I owe a great deal of my turn around to Buddy and his program. Anyone who is looking to their game to unknown levels, I would recommend they give Perfect Mind Perfect Motion a chance.

Buddy Bengel - Professional Baseball Player, Italy


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