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Every athlete has his “what ifs.”

Mine came after the 1985 World Series, when I played shortstop for the World Champion Kansas City Royals...

George Brett -
Baseball Hall of Fame

"I spent three hours with Buddy on the golf driving range. It was an extraordinary experience. I am a 5 handicap golfer and I have a fairly consistent swing. But after working with Buddy and his program, my game went to another level. I was hitting the ball further with less effort and making more solid contact with the ball. Even some shots I normally had problems with were corrected and became more consistent."

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'Getting out of your own way'

Professional Bowling

I first learned about Steven Yellin and PMPM Sports through a close friend who was talking about putting his son through the program. When he described it to me, I knew immediately this is something that I needed to look into. In the sport of bowling, as in all sports, the mental game is by far the most important aspect, especially at the highest level. Bowling is a sport that one bad shot could be the difference in making the finals, or going home.

Personally, I have always fought staying consistent mentally; especially in the middle of a long qualifying round. Having been diagnosed with ADD, I have always struggled slowing my mind down. However, after working with Steven, I learned so much about not only how the human brain functions, but most important, myself. There have been many moments in my career where I found myself “in the zone,” but never understood how or why. My brain felt completely quiet, my shot making was pure and effortless, as if my mind and body were working together. I always felt myself trying to get back to moments like those, but instead, I was putting more pressure on myself and hoping I would get that feeling back every tournament.

Participating in this program has answered those questions, and has also given me the tools to allow me to be “in the zone” much more often. In fact, in a matter of weeks, the difference was incredible! My qualifying results alone have blown away past results and I feel more consistent than ever. With the drills and the knowledge Steven has taught me, I feel incredibly quiet, as if time is in slow motion instead of my brain wondering off into space. The many distractions that were always in my mind just disappeared.

Lastly, at the end of long days, I don’t feel nearly as much mental fatigue. I can’t thank Steven enough for his help. With this program, not only have my results been great, they have been much more consistent. I know that continuing to work with Steven and PMPM Sports, my goal of being the #1 bowler in the world is within reach.

Rhino Page
PBA Rookie of the Year, 2008


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