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Every athlete has his “what ifs.”

Mine came after the 1985 World Series, when I played shortstop for the World Champion Kansas City Royals...

George Brett -
Baseball Hall of Fame

"I spent three hours with Buddy on the golf driving range. It was an extraordinary experience. I am a 5 handicap golfer and I have a fairly consistent swing. But after working with Buddy and his program, my game went to another level. I was hitting the ball further with less effort and making more solid contact with the ball. Even some shots I normally had problems with were corrected and became more consistent."

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Royals' Davies credits
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'Getting out of your own way'

Professional Soccer

In this quest for finding the essence of soccer, I found Steven Yellin’s knowledge and techniques, From the first moment, the deep but scientifically proven knowledge that supported his techniques truly convinced me, and I started to see his teachings as the way to the real soccer and the real experience of it. I approached his teachings as the tools that will provide me the knowledge the necessary knowledge and experience to go back to my career completely confidence of myself as a player and the way I wanted to experience the game, but furthermore as the way of opening my heart to the possibility that so many sportsman & women around the world would experience through them the real meaning of sports as a tool for evolution to higher states of happiness and fulfillment in life.

Nowadays after two years completely out of soccer I have returned to play and his teachings are helping me to balance my mind by giving me internal power and understanding of the dynamics that I experience before, during and after the games, allowing me to remove all the stress that workouts, games, traveling, pressured moments, press and all the external factors that soccer has around. During my play, I experience relaxation even I am demanding 100 per cent of my physical capabilities. I am aware of the time that exists between actions being able to choose better my options. As a defender I experience relaxation and quietness, aspects that are key in order to react and anticipate to my opponent at the right moment. After the games, I feel my energy balanced, I do not get exhausted, being able to enjoy the rest of the day with my family instead of having to rest. It is a clear experience of dancing in the middle of a crazy activity. Time slows down, I perceive my opponents and my teammates out of my experience of the game, they are only a part of it, not everything. Even we are playing the same game I feel as if they are playing other one. Everything is so natural and effortless. I experience the game going in the direction that I need it to go independently of the score and results. Now success in the game has gone from the score to the quality of my experience of the game, a completely different level that I am enjoying so much.

In conclusion, his teachings have returned me the hope of facing the rest of my career full of fulfillment, joy and love for my sport and top performances. It has been a key factor to fulfill one of my purposes of restarting my career, to be proud of the time and energy I have invested in the game once retired of the game of my life, soccer

Ruben Sanchez Yepes
Professional Soccer Player, Spain

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