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Every athlete has his “what ifs.”

Mine came after the 1985 World Series, when I played shortstop for the World Champion Kansas City Royals...

George Brett -
Baseball Hall of Fame

"I spent three hours with Buddy on the golf driving range. It was an extraordinary experience. I am a 5 handicap golfer and I have a fairly consistent swing. But after working with Buddy and his program, my game went to another level. I was hitting the ball further with less effort and making more solid contact with the ball. Even some shots I normally had problems with were corrected and became more consistent."

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Tennis and Golf Weekend Warriors - Part 3

Dear Steven:

I wanted to share with you how excited I am about your program. I am 60 years old and have been playing golf since I was 50. Starting late in life, I have taken a great many lessons. These lessons have had the effect of teaching me the correct way to play golf, but, it is very difficult to remember to do all the things I have been taught during a golf swing. As a result the last one to two years have been a frustrating mixture of occasional brilliant shots and great holes mixed in with horrible shots and big numbers. As a result I have an occasional game in the 80's but mostly play in the 90's and sometimes even over 100.

It has been very frustrating to know how good I am and see those numbers.

After working with your program over this summer, I see real promise that I can become the low handicapper I am dreaming of becoming. And today was really exciting. I played at Bos Landen, which is a somewhat challenging public course in Pella. On the back 9 we decided to break our foursome into two teams and play a best shot format. As an impatient golfer, I teed off first. Knowing my teammate, a normally steady player, was hitting next, I decided to find out what would happen if I just totally gave in to your system. No thoughts about mechanics, just carefully align myself, set up, use your drill and let it fly. The experience was truly exciting, blissful, full of joy and energy.

The shot was good too. On a 340 yard par 4, when the other players were using driver, I hit a 3 wood and had the only shot in the fairway.

I stayed with this commitment, just totally selling out to the drill and letting it fly with total abandon. And the results continued. Shot after shot, feeling great energy and freedom in my swing, hitting each club a good 10 to 20 yards farther than my normal distance. Here's a couple of examples.

On the 376 yard par 4 15th, with a visually challenging tee shot across a ravine, I decided to go with a short club to avoid hitting into the pond on the far side of the dog leg right. While the other players took driver, I took a 5 wood. Normally I hit a 5 wood 210 yards. This time I hit a perfect draw into the middle of the fairway 226 yards, farther than many of my driver shots in the past. I was on the green in 2 -- 376 yards with a 5 wood and a 7 iron. Perhaps low handicappers are use to such things, but for me, this is amazing.

On the par 3 16th, hitting off the white tees with the group, 150 yards to the middle of the green, and 130 yards to the pin. I took an 8 iron, normally a 135 yard club for me, and put it near the back of the green, about 155 to 160 yards away. One of the other players, a man I have played with almost every weekend this season, remarked, "Hal, you are hitting the ball better today than I have ever seen you hit."

Finally, on the par 4 18th, with the white tees back, I had another exciting experience. I single player had been trailing us. Even though it was the 18th hole, we offered to let him play through and he accepted. He hit off the blue tees. He was big and strong and much younger than us, probably not more than 30. He hit a terrific, long tee shot that probably went 275. That put him in the middle of the dog leg where he had to wait for the green to clear. He waived to us to hit. I hit first, using driver for the first time all day. From the white tees, maybe 15 yards shorter than the blues here, I hit the ball about 15 yards past him. In other words, I hit the ball the same approximate distance as this big strong long hitter who was roughly half my age.

What excitement!

Thank you Steven,

Hal Masover

I started working with Steven late this summer. I come from a mainly tennis background, which is how I met Steven. I was hitting balls at the local range and Steven approached me, we got talking and I told him I had recently received a Golf Scholarship to a top school in the fall of 2013. Steve said I was hitting the ball great but there is a way I could hit it better and more consistent, so we spoke about things and tried a few drills and got some instant results. Me being me thought this could just be first timers luck, so I contacted Steven again and arranged to meet up and spend a day at the Course and Range. After maybe 15 minutes of warming up and working on a few drills I was crushing the ball...hitting it more consistent and I felt like I could do anything! The really plus for me came when we took a trip onto the putting green, every golfers nightmare but especially when you are trying to go low in a tournament. I took the DNA goal away of actually holing the putt and this made a huge difference. My hands relaxed and the stroke became so much more natural and fluid. The great deal is everyone can have success from this program, and it isn't just one path only if one of the drills don't work for you then OK we leave that one and move on. I strongly recommend any sportsman to try this program and feel the difference it will make!

Josh Downham
Scratch golfer

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